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PIA | SMEs need more nonbank financing options to expand, create jobs

PIA | SMEs need more nonbank financing options to expand, create jobs

PIA | CDA registers  50 coops  in Mt. Province

PIA | CDA registers  50 coops  in Mt. Province

PIA | DTI pushes for level playing field for SMEs in AEC

PIA | DTI pushes for level playing field for SMEs in AEC

PIA | SMEs need new mindset to become better AEC players, says economist

PIA | SMEs need new mindset to become better AEC players, says economist


Claiming it is their "moral and official obligation" to participate in the crafting of the amendments to the charter of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), the agency's personnel have published their "Position Paper of the CDA Personnel Nation-Wide".

Uploaded in the Facebook Fan Page of CDA Region 1, the paper claims the personnel were represented by the Executive Committee members, Regional Directors, and the CDA Employees Union.

They made known their stand on the following:

1.  Abolition of CDA's development function.

They are firm on the retention of the development function of CDA, saying that it is the very reason for the agency's existence.

The paper averred that the abolition of this function, among other things, is unconstitutional.  It also cited that under R.A. 9520, "..the Government...shall ensure the provision of technical guidance, financial assistance and other services to enable said cooperatives to develop into viable and responsive economic enterprises..."

2.  On the conduct of trainings.

They want CDA to retain this function under Section 3(b) of R.A. 6939, which is "to develop and conduct management and training programs upon the request of cooperatives..."

3.  On the abolition of CDA's rule-making power.

The rule-making power of CDA must be retained as such function is an integral part of its regulatory functions, the paper said.

4. On status of personnel on CDA reorganization.

The personnel should be automatically absorbed and not just given preference, while those who opt to be separated be given a separation pay computed at 1.5 month's salary for every year of service.

5.  On grant of CDA's quasi-judicial power.

They wish CDA to be granted this power, to resolve intra-cooperative conflicts involving election of officers and governance issues of cooperatives, among other things.

6.  On cooperatives in education system.

Their stand:  The CDA should be allowed to create a system of education, training and research for cooperatives, and be given authority to redefine the use of Cooperative Education and Training Fund (CETF) to partly finance the operation of a Cooperative College.

7.  On agricultural cooperative

They proposed for the particular definition of an agriculture cooperative, which it was claimed was not done under R.A. 9520.

These are among the positions raised in the paper purportedly signed by Dir. Orlando R. Ravanera, president of Association of Regional Directors; Dir. Ray R. Elevazo, OIC Executive Director; Dir. Giovanni T. Platero, Deputy Executive Director; and by Ms. Emerlina T. Racelis, president of CDA Employees Union.

As members of the cooperative sector, what can you say? Does the CDA Board of Administrators have an official position of their own? (END).

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On April 12, 2014, 9:16 a.m., the Philippine Cooperators Page (the official Fan Page of the Cooperative Development Authority) posted on Facebook:

"..Sir Ver Vasquez, the HRD for CDA is just part and parcel of the HRD Program of CDA.  We can only give to the Coop Sector what we have.

In our desire to give to the sector and other relevant stakeholders the kind of services that are expected of our men and women, we must capacitate first our people the appropriate technology, knowledge and skills thru the learning sessions.

The internal HRD is the means to do so not only in the areas of knowledge building and skills enhancement but also in fortifying the sprit de corps and motivations of the officials and personnel.

With the 3 HRDs that we have conducted in the past plus the two tracks of Enhancement Training, we can say that our people are now ready to put to life the constitutionally enshrined duty of CDA of making cooperatives as practical vehicles towards achieving sustainable economic development, social justice and equity.

Likened to a War...combating poverty is an up or down battle.  We can not afford to send an ill-prepared army to that battle.

In our last HRD, we made it sure that skeletal forces were left to man every office of CDA to attend to needs of office callers.  We took advantage of the technology to monitor the activities in all offices, and what our skeletal offices are doing, while the rest of the work force were attending HRD.  

 Again, we are minding the store." 

What went before:

On April 4, 2014, 11:55 a.m., Philippine Cooperators Page posted:

"2014 APR. O4/ CDA Conducts National HRD for 2014"

     "Subic Bay - 521 CDA personnel from all over the country participated in the 3rd National Human Resource Development Program of the Cooperative Development Authority at...1>> read full post at "

     On Facebook, Ver Vasquez commented to above post on April 4, 2014, 4:49 p.m.:

     "This is whole CDA, lock, stock and barrel!  Who are minding the store then?"  

(Note:  underscorings were provided). (END).  
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